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Here are some Desiels on TFC Railway


Boco old Railway was Unknowed to all the other engines as he took Bill and Bens China Clay From The Harbour as they were shunting in the yard when Edward came to the yards Edward said that Boco is a Metropolin vicar Desiel Electrice Type two Then Bill,Ben and Boco made Friends.


Dasiy came to The Fat Controllers Railway while Thomas crashed into the station masters house Dasiy is lazy and don't want to take Thomas's Route to Pull the Tidmouth Milk Truck to dariy when Thomas was Back Dasiy can stay on The Fat Controllers Raiway and she shooed a Cow by Herself  Dasiy is Based on a DMU Electrice Train.   


Mavis is a Young Desiel Engine and Full Of her own Ideas she loves Puting Toby's Trucks in Different Sidings this made Toby Cross so Mavis Took Tobys Trucks instead Mavis Lost Patince so she said to Desiel Only Steam Engines Can Mange Trucks Desiel knew Nothing About Trucks but didn't Realise when Mavis went To Tobys Line at a Farm Lane But The Trucks made her Stop on the wrong Place so Toby Pushed her Back Up the Top f the Hill Mavis had to Get back to the Qurray as Quickly as she can But Mavis's Manger was Cross so he told Mavis to stay at the Qurray Percy Found mavis in a Siding and Percy said that Mavis Should be a Really Useful Engine Mavis Like Percy as a Friend So Mavis Put Toby Trucks in the Right siding as Spring came Mavis Told the Trucks to bump her Toby's Line so she can get out the Qurray while Mavis was Gone The troublesome Truck want to Bump Toby instead Then Toby came onto a Bridge that is Breaking Suddenly Toby Stoped Just in Time and Mavis Saves the day as a reward she can go on Toby's Line For now on and She and Toby are Friends


Desiel is a Devious Desiel He Loves Playing Tricks on the other engines He want to get rid of them once and for all but Desiel always get in Trouble for all his Tricks and other stuff Like when he made Fergus Go to the smelters yard and made Fergus got lost on sodor but The Fat Controller gave desiel a Punishment he going to the smelters yard Tommrow and Fergus can go back to the cement works that made Fergus happy but Desiel is still devious on the Railway like calling Thomas a Stinky steam engine but Desiel knows that Thomas is a very speciel engine even if he is a steamie.


Salty Loves the sea he love telling Stories about The sea to all the engines he loves the smell of the sea and the Fish he had to Go somewhere else bu most of all Breandam Docks.

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