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Calling All Engines !

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Here is all about Calling all engines ! the Feature Length Speciel of Thomas and Friends. 

To Celebrate the 60th anniversary of Thomas & Friends Hit entertainment made a new Thomas Full length Special CALLING ALL ENGINES!  A semi sequal from Thomas & the Magic Railroad with two characthers from The Magic Railroad Lady and Desiel 10 as Televison Chracthers for the Movie in Amercia is OUT NOW England October 3rd and Australia October 6th 2005
it was Summer on sodor and it's a Busy season for The Fat controller Railway thier were lots of Hoilday makers and Thomas and his friends were working Hard at Breandam Docks The Fat controller herad that thier is a New airport being Bulit when engines went away The Desiels Such as Desiel, Arry and Bert, Desiel 10 etc is having a special Job it a Suprise for the Steamies but Thomas had made the desiel not doing thier work By Buliding a new thing for the Trains But Thomas felt gulity about his tricks he made for the desiels when later thier as a big Strom on Sodor and it recked everything that The Fat Controller said that the Grand Opening of Sodor Airport might be Cancelled a while later Thomas was sent to the Docks to Pick up a Beam for the Bridge was Broken last night But The Fat controller said that Thomas need Help with a desiel but Desiel is not helping later Thomas was getting some paint But Desiel was behind him that suddnely CRASH !!! Thomas was Covered in Paint That soon the Desiels and the steam team were getting cleaned up later that night Thomas had a Dream with Lady and Rusty working togther so Thomas said that if the don't bulid the airport on time they won't be Useful engines so They Bulit the airport on time and the first Aeroplane was coming into Sodor but Pushed a Truck into a Tower that was Crashed on the Runway that Desiel 10 was thier to help Thomas to get geroge the steamroller that when the Runway was Finshed the Plane came in and it was a Succes that one Eveing the Engines heared that Tidmouth sheds was finished Been that it was now Bigger and now they are Friends with the Desiels and Thomas saves Sodor    
  • Thomas
  • James
  • Percy
  • Edward
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • Toby
  • Emily
  • Harvey
  • Lady 
  • Desiel
  • Desiel 10
  • Arry and Bert and more

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UK Calling all engines Edition


US Calling all Engines Edition


Australian Calling all Engines ! Cover

Amercia- OUT NOW !!!
U.K- OUT NOW !!!
Australia- Two Days

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