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Sodor Home Of Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends


The Train Shed The sydney home of Thomas the tank engine & Friends
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The First Ever Movie about Thomas finding Lady the Lost engine at Muffle Mountain.

The Story
The Fat Controller is going on Holiday today so he asked Mr.counducter to look after his Railway and his Engines but someone was Back on Sodor Desiel 10 later at Shining time Burnet Stone kept a secret he shared with tasa it was a Small steam Train named Lady but burnet stone didn't have some coal to make Steam back to Sodor later Thomas was off picking up Mr.counducter when Thomas found Mr.counducter he said the Journey from Shining time kepps getting bumpery and bumpery when it was night time all the Engines were a sleep when Desiel 10 came to the Sheds that Mr.counducter lost all his Gold Dust so he was to find all the Gold dust Thomas and all his Friends where talking about Mr.Counducter and Desiel 10 later Thomas was off to find Mr.Counducter when Jounir and Lily were at Sodor too that they saw Thomas and then Thomas found Mr.Counducter at the windmill when Mr.counducter cousin was on the Windmill that Diesel 10 Highjacked Jounir later that night Thomas was off to The Magic Railroad bringing Lily Back to her grandpa when They were in the Magic Railroad Thomas found the Missing Coal truck that later Thomas got it to help Lady that soon when Lily was at Muffle Mountain Pacth was Getting some coal from Thomas' Truck that he was Chuffing Down the mountain when Lady was Bliding steam she started to Move and later the Magic Railroad was Bring the energyback that everything was all Green and very nice Mountains and Lady said "So Burnet you Didn't forget about Magic it stayed inside you" That later Thomas came and said "You found her and she is Beautiful" that Lady and Thomas were back Home that soon Desiel 10 was Chasing Thomas and Lady that soon when that got on the Viaduct Desiel 10 fell of the Bridge that later Eveing Mr.Counducter and Jounir were getting the Gold dust back that they can go Home and work and all Thanks to Thomas the magic Railroad was saved by him and Lady. 

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