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Sodor Home Of Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Sodor Destenations

The Train Shed The sydney home of Thomas the tank engine & Friends
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Tidmouth sheds: Tidmouth Sheds is were The Fat Controller's Engines sleep at and when it's raining The Engines Never get to sleep they sometimes Edward tells stories on Halloween and more.
Breandam Docks: Breandam Docks is where ships and Boats come into sodor like Passengers ship,Cargo ships and new Trains Coming to Sodor.
Ducks's Branch Line: Ducks line followed by the seaside, Buliding a new station and he Lived with Donald and Douglas the Scottish Twin Engines
Toby's Windmill: around Toby's line thier is a Windmill it was Broken Down by a Thunderstorm while Toby was Chuffing His Driver saw a big tree branch on the Line so Toby said that it will do for the Miller's Windmill so they were Buliding it and Buliding when it was done The Miller named it Toby's Windmill.
The Airfield: The Airfield is where Harold the Heliecopter and all other Aircrafts lived near Thomas's Branchline
Sodor Airport: as appeared in the New Thomas and Friends Feature Length Flim Calling all engines The sodor Airport is where Passenger planes and Goods plane come to sodor from the Mainland or other Countrys
Castle Loch: The Castle Loch is where Lord Callan's Castle Lived Donald and Douglas where Delivering Goods to the castle but when the Hours Past they saw something strange through the Mist they thought it was the Monster but it was Harvey and the Party was great Succes and one time Emily's Route was to go on the castle loch Due to the Flour crash Emily was scared but she found out that it wasn't scary at all
Knapford Station: Knapford Station is the Main Station on Sodor is where Passengers and Goods come from Station to station
Gordon's Hill: Gordon's Hill is a Big Hill where Maron station is if there is Heavey Trains like Passengers and Goods come up it's Up to Edward to Push Like Gordon, James, Henry or other Trains.
Bulgy's Bridge: Bulgy's Bridge is where Bulgy was stuck Under along Duck & Oliver's Branchline

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