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The season 9 Charcthers Biographies

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The season 9 Charcthers Biographies
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Here are some Biographies of The New Season 9 Charcthers for Thomas & Friends like Mighty Mac, Neville and more of these season 9 Trains

Mighty Mac
Engine Type: Ffestionog Railway double fairlie 0-4-0 + 0-4-0
Bio: Mighty and Mac are both Double Boiler Trains on the Thin Controller which they always Puff Backwards and fowards at the same time that they get confused around the Railway they had a good chat with Thomas the tank engine that one day They werelost on thier route around the Railway but they will find a way out.  
Molly the Yellow Engine
Engine Type: GER "Claud Hamilton" 4-4-0 
Bio: Molly is the first Yellow train on Sir Topham Hatt's Railway and she is the second engine too. She always takes empty trucks but she wants to take Loaded Truck like Thomas and that made the Fat Controller feeling Bothered. but she learn't her lesson taking empty trucks is not Bad at all 
Neville the Black Engine:
Engine type: Ex-SR Wartime Q1 0-6-0 tender engine
Bio: Neville is a new steam engine on the Island of Sodor One day he was working when Thomas came up neville was getting teased by Arry and Bert and Thomas thought he was making friends with the Desiels but Thomas made a Mistake and Thomas and Neville became friends.
Dennis the Lazy Desiel Engine:
Engine Type: BR class 20 Bo-Bo
Dennis is a new Desiel on Sodor He is a Lazy Desiel and nevered worked and making Thomas in trouble when Sir Topham Hatt Found out about it Dennis worked all his jobs.

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