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Who is Thomas The Tank Engine ?
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"Spencer has a bigger boiler but that doesn't mean more hot air"-Thomas a Quote from Edward  the great  

as we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of Thomas and friends here is something about Thomas the tank engine to all new Thomas fans Around the world
Thomas the tank engine appered in 1946 by the Famous British author Rev.w.awdry it was the Best Selling Book sice 1945 the letter in Thomas the tank engine is for Christopher awdry who had the measles one time. This is Leter From Thomas the tank engine
Dear Christoher
Here is your Friend Thomas the tank engine
He wanted to come out of his station yard and see the world
these stories tell you how he did it
I hope you would like them because you helped me to make them
Your Loving Daddy
Rev.w.awdry made all books with Thomasthe tank engine in it then in 1979 Rev.w.awdry Made the First Thomas the tank engine annual just before the Tv series started
in 1984 Britt allcroft made the Rev.w.awdry's Books into a Tv series called Thomas the tank engine & Friends with narrator Ringo starr then in 1991 Britt allcroft  had the first Amercian Narrator Geroge Carlin for season 3 & 4 and For the english version Britt allcroft had a person called Micheal angelis with all good voices's like James the Red Engine, Percy the small engine and Henry the Green Engine which they sound they are from Liverpool,England in the year 2000 Britt allcroft made a Thomas Movie called Thomas & the magic railroad  starring alec baldwin, Peter fonda and Mara Wilson with Trains Such as Desiel 10
*Note all the Charcthers such as Thomas,James,Percy,Gordon,Henry,Toby and Harold are in the Movie
That Movie THOMAS & THE MAGIC RAILROAD is a really Useful Movie in 2000 Alec Baldwin Done the Amercian Version of Thomas the tank engine series 5 and the 2002 series 6 but then Micheal angelis done the Amercian version of the series 7 video New Friends For Thomas & other Thomas adventures video and DVD   
2003 HIT ENTERTAINMENT the home of BOB the builder,Angelina ballarena, Braney and More own Thomas the tank engine they put new stuff in it too.
-The New Thomas and Friends Logo for the opening Credits
-New Trains Such as Emily, Murdoch, Arthur, Fergus and Spencer are in Thomas & friends
-The new lines like the Fishing Village, The Railway Crossing and more lines
in the year 2004 HIT changed Thomas the tank engine by giving a new Theme Song Engine Roll Call  new Flim and The season 1 Chuffing sounds today Hit made a new Thomas and friends feature length Speciel Calling all engines ! for the 60th anniversary of Thomas and friends with Limited edition Trains like the Golden Thomas comes with Thomas' Sodor Celebration, a Sliver Percy Comes with Songs From the station and a bronze Desiel engine with Calling all engines ! 

This  website is not controled by Hit Entertainment and other fansites this website is nothing the same like Sodor Island so please don't take any Text Or Pictures from this website or they will be in serious Trouble by me