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The 60th Anniversary of Thomas and friends
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The 60th Anniversary of Thomas and friends
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The History Of Thomas the tank engine and Friends
Thomas the tank engine Entertain Kids around the world for 60 years as in 1911 The Rev.w.awdry saw a Tank Engine going to Box station he knows that all that Chuffing Sound is like a Train Talking to each other Then in 1944 Rev.w.awdry was a Reverend and Had a Son named Christopher awdry who was Suffer from the Measles so Reverend w awdry made some stories about Trains and Christopher said " Daddy what are the Engines names " and he made names Edward,Gordon and Henry one was  Edwards Day Out ,Henry in the tunnel and one story based on a Magazine called a High land Railway Left Behind It all about That Gordon was Stuck on a Hill and Edward was to take him up so when Gordon backed Down the Hill Edward was helping him Up But when Gordon went up the Hill Gordon was Racing Down the hill but Edward was left Behind when Edward was taking a Drink His Driver said "I'll get out my Paint Tommrow and give you Blue and Red strips then you'll be the smartes Engine the shed "
and that story was called Gordon and the Hill Later in 1945 The Three Railway engines was Published. then in 1946 Rev.w.awdry made a book about our favortive blue Train Thomas the tank engine with this note for his Son Christopher awdry
Dear Christopher
Here is you Friend Thomas the tank engine
he wanted to come out of his Station yard and see the world
These Stories will show you how he did it.
I Hope you wouldlike Them Because
you helped me to Make them.
Your Loving Daddy
Then in 1979 The Rev.w.awdry made Thomas the tank engine Chuffing to his First Annual with stories about Real Trains,Railways and more Stuff Then later in 1984 Britt allcroft made The Railway series into a Tv series called Thomas the tank engine & Friends with Narrator from the Bealtes, Ringo starr Then by Thomas and the Missing Christmas tree Ringo starr finshed Thomas the tank engine then by 1991 a Person named Micheal angelis Done Thomas The tank engine all the way to season 8 and still doing it today.Today Thomas and friends is Puffing to a new Feture Length Speciel THOMAS & FRIENDS CALLING ALL ENGINES !  and Learning Curve made some Speciel Limited Gold,sliver,Bronze Trains such as a Golden Thomas train , a sliver Percy Train and a Bronze Desiel

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