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These are the Road Charcthers on Sodor


Bertie is a Kind little Red Bus to all the engines on sodor he had a Race with Thomas as to see who is the fastest and taking Thomas's Passengers to Edwards train Bertie got teased from Alugy the Blue Bus But Bertie loves the Railway but some he teases about it but he don't want to see it Ripped up.


Trevor is a Traction engine who was found By Edward at Crocks Scrapyard Trevor want to Give Rides to Children as The Vicar of Wellsworth save Trevor from Scrap Trevor still worked around today and that was helping Thomas with the new harbour Trevor always Dream about Today Thomas,The Seaside,The Fun and most of the Children as he go around The Church fate giving rides to the Children and making Garden Party Just For Everyone on sodor. 


Terence is a Orange Catapillas Tractor He loves Ploughing in the Fields But one Time Thomas teased Terance about his Wheels so Thomas was stuck in the snow and Terence got him unstucked out of the snow.


Geroge is a Steam Roller who hates the Fat Controllers Railway That He want Them To be into Road He wanted to Pay the Engines out like one day he was Bullying Sir handel about being a Steam Roller as Sir Handel was talking about his Special Wheels The Next Day Percy Had To deliver Geroge to the Workers they need a Steam Roller so One Day he Put Road all over The Railway Crossing while Thomas is Ignoring Him so as a Pay Back He Derailed Thomas. suudenly Geroge Put a Truck in Gordon's way Duck was Fed Up he need to Push it out of the way for Gordon but Gordon Derailed the Truck so The Fat Controller took his Roller off and Geroge never Rolled again.   

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