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Related kids shows

Here are some Related Kids shows of Thomas the tank engine & friends.



Tugs was made in the late 80's with two producers Robert .D. cardona and David the 1920's steam was popular for everybody as Bigg City port was largest Harbour in the world it was time of a change and great opertunite all the work harding Tugs are really good to travel Capatin stars Tugs the star fleet he had three harbour Tugs O.J,Warrior and Big mac a Railway Tug Top hat Two Swicthers Tencents and Sunshine and Hercules an ocean going Tug. They were a good crew but thier rivals that day was captian zero with his devious Tugs Zorran,Zak,Zebedee,Zip and Zug. all the Tugs had adventures around Big city Tencents finding Sunshine, found goods on barges, Tencents and sunshine helping Boomer,Tencents,Sunshine and Big mac rescuing Up town by and danger of logs and more Tugs was really popular in the 80's for Children. some videos are avabile on Amazon and more.

Ivor The Engine


"...Not very long ago, in the top left-hand corner of Wales, there was a railway.  It wasn't a very long railway or a very important railway, but it was called The Merioneth and Llantisilly Rail Traction Company Limited, and it was all there was.
And in a shed, in a siding at the end of the railway, lives the Locomotive of the Merioneth and Llantisilly Rail Traction Company Limited, which was a long name for a little engine so his friends just called him Ivor..."

So began, in 1959, the first episode of the first series of a set of television films which were to become part of the mainstream of Children's television for the next thirty years.

Ferry Boat Fred


Fred is a little small ferry around Sydney harbour with his big sister kate and his friends Bill and lou Freds captain always go a sleep but fred knows were he is going with his deckkie Pete the pelecin Fred always had adventures around sydney showing the wales to the open sea,Ferry race and more. 

Postman pat


Postman pat always deliver the Post around Greendalewith his black and white ct Jess from the village to the farms to the Train station Pat deliver the post To Greendale farm,Ted glen,The School,The Train station only for going to pencester or ajay and nisha Pat is a very nice postman around Greendale.Pat always saves the day By making thier own Cricus as everybody lughed at all the jokes Pat loves the village and his family with wife sara and his son Julian.  

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Making Tracks to great destenation