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The 60th anniversary of Thomas and friends

The 60th anniversary of Thomas and friends
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This year is the 60th anniversary of Thomas and Friends as we celebrate when the Three Railway engines was made. 

Back in 1945 a man named Rev.w.awdry made a book THE THREE RAILWAY ENGINES with Edward, Gordon and henry it was sold wordwide in different languge in 1946 rev.w.awdry made a book called Thomas the tank engine with this note for christopher 
"Dear Christopher
here is your friendsThomas the tank engine he wanted to come out of his station yard and see the world these storys tell you how he did it I hope you would like them becusce yo helped me to make them
Your Loving Daddy."
Thomas the tank engine is a world train for every children around the world and still on television.  

What is happing for 60 years of Thomas and Friends
Calling all engines
as the new movie coming out Calling all engines is going to the best movie of all it is all about Thomas his steamies friends are buliding an airport with nasty desiels will they make the airport in time for the grand opening of it find out on Calling all engines. 

If anybody steal the pictures or text from Books or Televison will be in trouble but this site dosen't owned by HIT entertainment the Thomas the tank engine company

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