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Calling All Engines! Characthers

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Calling All Engines! Characthers
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Here is Charcthers of the new Thomas and Friends Movie Calling All Engines ! there more then these charcthers. 


Thomas The Tank Engine

Thomas The Tank Engine can be Cheeky to all the other Engines but he knows he is a Useful engine on Sodor. 


Desiel 10

Desiel 10 isThe Blast From Past He is a 10/10 Desiel Engine who hates Steam Trains.


Mavis The Desiel Engine

Mavis Is Desiel Engine who 6 Wheels and Side plates Just like Toby Mavis is young and Full of Her own Ideas and Shunted Tobys Trucks into the wrong Sidings.  


Edward the Blue Engine

Edward is an Old engine But very Useful to his friends such as Thomas , Percy, Trevor, Donald and Douglas Edward can Pull Coachers and Push Trucks and work as a Back engine he had a race with Spencer and more Adventures.