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4472 The Flying Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman in Thomas the tank engine

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The Flying Scotsman in Thomas the tank engine
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the Flying Scotsman in Enterprising Engines the story Tenders for Henry

In 1968 before the Flying Scotsman went to Amercia The Flying Scotsman was in one of the Thomas the Tank Engine Books made by Reverend w Awdry. The Book was Enterprising Engines the story was all about that the other Railway (British Railways) is scrapping steam locomovtives and is now using diesels locomovtives
But as Gordon went into the station and talk to the Fat Controller about abloished steam locomovtives.But one locomovtive was saved from the scrap heap and the name was Flying Scotsman he appered in some stories such as
Tenders For Henry
Super Rescue
Little Western
She appered in the first two Thomas the tank engine annuals in the 1979 Annual and the 1980's annual
In 1991 The Flying Scotsman was on the TV show called Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends But only her two tenders LNER and 4472.And now The Flying Scotsman is now a childrens Icon in Thomas the Tank Engine.Even the Big blue engine named Gordon was based on the Flying Scotsman too and the famous toy company Ertl made a Ertl Flying Scotsman Train for all the little Thomas and Friends Fans who the Railway Series and the TV show too.