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4472 The Flying Scotsman

Alan Pegler

Introduction of 4472 The Flying Scotsman
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The History of 4472 The Flying Scotsman
London to Edinburgh
The Flying Scotsmans USA Tour
The Flying Scotsmans Aus steam 88 Tour
Alan Pegler
London Northen Eastern Railway
The Flying Scotsman in Thomas the tank engine
The National Railway Musuem
Who Saves the Flying Scotsman for the Nation
Hornby The Flying Scotsman
Railfest 04
Timeline of The Flying Scotsman
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The owner of The Flying Scotsman till 1972

Alan Pegler was the owner of The Flying Scotsman in 1963 till 1972. He saved the scotsman before she was scrapped.Alan pegler payed 3,000 pounds for the Locomovtive.The scotsman was major locomovtive in Great britain when the diesel locomovtives took over British Rail with all of the scotsman reletives being scrapped and used for parts. The Flying scotsman  wasn't scrapped.Alan pegler took the locomovtive to edinburgh,scotland for a speciel anniversary of 40 years non-stop Locomovtive when scotsman was a major hit alan pegler took The Flying Scotsman to America but it was problem the vitnam war was on and it was bad time to go the Railway was getting banked robbed and they don't which track they run for them later the scotsman was saved in 1972 with a friend to the alan pegler and looked after the locomovtive very well so  

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