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The Flying Scotsman at Bradford,Victora taken by B 67 a Member of Sodor Island Forums

In 1988 The Flying Scotsman was leving London for her second trip around the world but this she is not going to the USA She is going to Australia for the Railway Event in Melbourne called AUS STEAM 88 The Locomovtive didn't came to Australia not like what she did in the USA with a Cowcather and Bell and a Big Whistle.The Flying Scotsman was being unloaded at Melbourne but they didn't have a Big crane to Pick up the Locomovtive so The Flying Scotsman went to Sydney Harbour which is the only city to have a big Floating crane when the Scotsman was on the Railway She set off to state Rail Workshops and went to Wollongong which thier is a coaling plant for the Locomovtive and then set off to Melbourne when she went to Aus steam 88 thier were other Locomovtives thier as well thier was 3801 the First Train ever to go around the contenit 3112 and many other Historal Australian Locomovtives after when the Aus Steam Fest was over all the  Locomovtives were back to thier orignal Railways but 4472 went to New south wales and went to a big Railway Musuem called The NSW Rail & Transport Musuem The Musuem have lots of locomovtives that were well preseved over the 1800's thousands of people came to that Museum were thier is a Speciel Guest coming the Flying Scotsman.The Flying Scotsman was just out of the Railway Museum and with all the other Historcal Locomovtives 4472 hanged around at the musuem for children who go on the footplate of The Flying scotsman later the return trip for the Flying Scotsman have to go on the Turntable
when the Turntable have to be turned round the turntable stucked fast the volunteers have to push it but to no avale but then a tractor came in and the turntable moved and 4472 set back to Sydney.
on the way to brisbane the Flying scotsman have someone on the back it 3801 the two locomovtives were off to brisbane for a Railway Trip The Flying scotsman went to the station at 5:00 pm and it wasn't a disater it was a proud moment for the two locomovtives.
But the best part of the event for Aus steam 88 was The Flying Scotsman going to Alice Springs and made a very good record and was on time.
The Flying Scotsman went too Broken hill and made a record was 800 Miles an hour and the locomotive was smashing too the Australians.
when it September 1989 The Flying Scotsman set back to the London North Eastern Railway in London,England and it was a succesful day for the locomovtive in Australia. 

The Flying Scotsman Downunder DVD Only in Australia

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