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4472 The Flying Scotsman

The History of 4472 The Flying Scotsman

Introduction of 4472 The Flying Scotsman
The Flying Scotsman NEWS
The History of 4472 The Flying Scotsman
London to Edinburgh
The Flying Scotsmans USA Tour
The Flying Scotsmans Aus steam 88 Tour
Alan Pegler
London Northen Eastern Railway
The Flying Scotsman in Thomas the tank engine
The National Railway Musuem
Who Saves the Flying Scotsman for the Nation
Hornby The Flying Scotsman
Railfest 04
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The Flying Scotsman was bulit in Doncaster in 1923 and run on british rail of many years later the great emprie exhibition as a display for the people of britain The Scotsman was running passengers from London to Endinburgh in the mid 1920's then later around the 1940's The Flying scotsman have to be painted black back in WWII later in 1963 the Flying scotsman finshed working on British rail and Alan pegler payed 3000 pounds for the locomovtive after all it was the Famous Locomotive in the world later in 1968 The Flying Scotsman was in Thomas the Tank Engine by Rev.w.awdry in the book Enterprising Engines as himself to tell Gordon that all mainline steam trains are still running on the UK main lines.Before the book was made Alan pegler made a renactment from London to edinburgh with some passengers who are famous like the Reverend w Awdry later in 1969 The Flying Scotsman become a world traveller alan pegler took his pride and Joy to the USA and a big crane called the mammoth who lifted up the locomovtive as the scotsman was being loaded they played yanke doodle which is an amercian Song but it was a disater to locomovtive and stayed thier for three years later Sir willam macpline payed the locomovtive cleared it debts and bring home again in 1988 The Flying Scotsman went to Australia for the Bicentanal year of Australia the locomovtive went to melbourne for the Aus Steam 88 and made a tour around Alice Springs in the center of Australia,3801 and Flying Scotsman where making a tour to brisbane and she was a speciel guset to the NSW Rail and Transport Musuem and was a smash hit in the country.
After the Tour in Australia The Scotsman was an orient express tour engine now the Flying Scotsman is Home at york at The National Railway Musuem saved by them, Richard Branson and Alan pegler and now a musuem piece and the a speciel passenger train like the Ride the legend from York to Scarbough spa and very famous Locomovtive.