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4472 The Flying Scotsman

Introduction of 4472 The Flying Scotsman

Introduction of 4472 The Flying Scotsman
The Flying Scotsman NEWS
The History of 4472 The Flying Scotsman
London to Edinburgh
The Flying Scotsmans USA Tour
The Flying Scotsmans Aus steam 88 Tour
Alan Pegler
London Northen Eastern Railway
The Flying Scotsman in Thomas the tank engine
The National Railway Musuem
Who Saves the Flying Scotsman for the Nation
Hornby The Flying Scotsman
Railfest 04
Timeline of The Flying Scotsman
The Flying Scotsman Story
The Flying Scotsman's Links

The Flying Scotsman was made in Doncaster in 1923 made at Doncaster Railway Workshops it was an extordinary day for the people of britain The Flying Scotsman was at the Royal Emprie Exhibition in 1923 it even made a successful trip from London to edinburgh,scotland
she was even a world traveller in the united states and Australia it wasn't a success in the USA but it was in Australia The locomovtive became an orient express train too and it was a childrens item too it made an apperence in the Reverend w Awdry's book Enterprising engines and in the childrens movie made by disney 102 dalmations when The Flying scotsman was making express tours it was left behind in the shed but the NRM (National Railway Museum) snapped but the Scotsman and came back home.
the rescuer in 2004 was Alan Pegler,The National Railway Musuem at York and Sir Richard Branson 
and it was a wonderful day for it but have Boiler problem from the east coast Main line and made an express tour by the National Railway musuem called Ride the legends and that was the Railway event going from York to Scarbourgh spa and now Flying Scotsman is now at the National Railway Musuem. 

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